• Cover:TarO&JirO



    The first release after the independence.
    A selection of four tracks, from the most popular ones that are frequently played live, remixed and rearranged for this T&J Studio version.
    An intense work that can be enjoyed by people who don’t know TarO&JirO yet, as well as people who already know their music.

    The fourth track is the long awaited recording of “Kemuri -Kemuranai version-“.

    Price ¥1,000
    Lyrics available on the website

    • 1Silent Siren -T&J Studio version-
    • 2Tsumasaki -T&J Studio version-
    • 3Otona no Undokai -T&J Studio version-
    • 4Kemuri -Kemuranai version-
  • Cover:Piranha



    TarO&JirO’s long-awaited first full album includes 16 songs and 5 videos.
    (Videos are included only in the limited edition)
    This time they recorded four songs together with a drummer, and you can enjoy their newly-evolved rock sound.
    TarO&JirO directed the booklet art work, and the cover picture and the other drawings in the booklet are painted by TarO.

    Limited Edition
    TECI-1425 / ¥2,900+tax / CD+DVD
    Regular Edition
    TECI-1426 / ¥2,400+tax/ CD

    • 1Outbreak(instrumental)
    • 2Tsubamegaeshi -Black Heart-
    • 3Piranha
    • 4Jigen Bakuon -A Burning Fuse-(instrumental)
    • 5Tsumasaki -Chasms-
    • 6Kodoku no Aika -A Ballad Of A Desert-
    • 7Cube
    • 8Rakka -Fallout-
    • 9Upside down Baby
    • 10Right There
    • 11What a Bird's Ever Seen
    • 12At the Platform
    • 13The Last Train for Tomorrow
    • 14Pelorella Revolution
    • 15Snake Bite (Long Version)
    • 16Silent Siren (Piranha Version)
  • Cover:Pelorella Revolution

    Pelorella Revolution


    Pelorella is not Japanese, nor English.
    Once you listen to it, you don’t care what it all means.
    Coz it’s just fun to sing along “…pelorella, pelorella”

    2014-10-22 / TECI-350 / ¥1,000+tax / Maxi Single

    • 1Pelorella Revolution
    • 2Cube (Acoustic version)
    • 3Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Cover:OVNI



    OVNI stands for “Objet Volant Non Identifié”
    Unidentified Flying Object in English.
    When they won the battle of the bands competition “Guitare en Scene 2011” held in France, the local media reported their victory saying “They are the OVNI coming from the land of the rising sun…!!”

    TECI-1400 / ¥1,429+tax / Mini Album

    • 1Karenai Mizutamari
    • 2Once in a while
    • 3Brain soap
    • 4Shurai -Landing-
    • 5Kemuri
    • 6Kage
    • 7Too dark to live
  • Cover:Brothers Fight

    Brothers Fight


    Their highly anticipated debut mini album.
    Full of energy and ingenuity performed in their unique style of only two acoustic guitars, one kick drum and vocals.

    TECI-1379 / ¥1,429+tax / Mini Album

    • 1Snake Bite
    • 2Silent Siren
    • 3Otona no Undokai
    • 4Chohatsu
    • 5Brothers Fight
    • 6Hito ni Shinju
    • 7Nannin kuru kana, yatte kuru kana?