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Thank you for watching our Ustream channel last night ;)

You didn't watch it?! because we speak in Japanese?!
Oh come on! we speak both in Japanese and in (Broken)English!
Also, we do live performance and impro jam sessions so you can enjoy it ;)
We ustream every Tuesday 10pm~ (JPN time)

So here's a brief summary of what we talked and did on yesterday's broadcast!
-We compose songs in order of "Riffs→Song structure→Melody→Lyrics" and we work on every process together
-Our favorite films of the last week: TarO "Vincent&Theo", JirO "Otoko wa Tsurai yo"
-We performed two covers live, "for no one" by Beatles and "Come as you are" by Nirvana, performed as we are

TarO&JirO's Ustream channel「時折俺、骨折りオラウータン」第二回目放送見てくれたみんなボンバーサンキュ!

今回のまとめ★曲作りはリフ→曲の構成→メロディ→歌詞の順で全工程二人で手掛ける★先週見た映画でタローのお気に入りは「ゴッホ(Vincent&Theo)」ジローは「男はつらいよ」★生演奏楽曲はビートルズのfor no oneとニルヴァーナのCome as you are



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Having a rehearsal for tonight's Ustreaming!
TarO&JirO's Ustream channel "Tokiori Ore, Honeori Orangutan"
will start at 10pm(in Japan)
Don't miss it ;)


www.ustream.tv/channel/tjtalk (2 photos)

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Thank you for watching our first Ustream broadcast!
第一回Ustream 見てくれてありがとう!

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